Reiki Drum Technique

Reiki Drum Circle
Reiki Drum Circle in Yorkshire

Drumming has been used throughout history for healing and for ceremony by many cultures around the globe.
The regular beat of the drum facilitates a state of relaxation which allows tension to be released with a decrease in anxiety and stress. Drumming clears the mind from its mental chatter and induces a meditative state. Brainwaves change from ordinary consciousness to increased alpha and theta brainwaves which have been shown to improve mental capacity and creativity. Shamanic traditions have long used the beat and vibration of the drum to attain an altered state of consciousness. Recent studies have shown that drumming boosts the immune system, releasing endorphins, decreasing the levels of cortisol and increasing the activity of natural killer cells.

In the Reiki Drum Technique, we combine the practice and benefits of shamanic drumming with the energies of Reiki and the Reiki kotodama.

Drumming Course
Drumming Course

Please contact me for one-to-one Reiki Drum Healing sessions.

Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner workshops:

Open to all who have attained Reiki level 2 or above, this practical two-day workshop  explores the practices of Drum healing and journeying including:

  • Reiki Drum Attunement
  • Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions
  • Reiki Drum Healing Technique
  • Reiki Drum Journeys
  • Mental and Emotional Reprogramming with the Reiki Drum
  • Group Drumming

The course fee is £290 if I provide a Drum for you – £210 if you buy your own drum. A course manual is included.

Martine with Drum
Martine with Drum

You need a 16in Remo Buffalo frame drum with crossed rope handle and a beater for this course.

To secure your place you can pay the deposit of £80, either using PayPal or by cheque, the balance being payable on the first day of training.

Next Date:

Please email me for further training dates as these are currently made available by private arrangement. 

When your place has been agreed, please click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to invest in the course