Reiki Master Practitioner Course


This two day course is for you if you have been immersing yourself in and practising Reiki at level 2 – Okuden, for a while. You are engaging with the changes that a regular practice of Reiki is both prompting and supporting. You are ready to deepen your connection to the four Aspects of Reiki. The four pillars of Reiki we will be deepening:

  • Reiki as Healing Practice in the form of treatments. You may be offering Reiki formally as a professional service, but this is not a prerequiste for taking this course, The basic practice of Reiki is in the form of self-treatments, for your own wellbeing.
  • Reiki as a path of personal development. Learning Reiki is an invitation to become more attuned to one’s needs. What do you need to fully release and express your authentic self? Reiki sensitises us to our needs, physical and emotional, so that we may release what no longer serves our highest purpose and develop our gifts.
  • Reiki as Spiritual Path. What does it mean to be human? Finding purpose and fulfilment is at the core of all spiritual traditions, philosophies and religions. Reiki is not a religion. Underpinned by its Precepts, its meditative practice is a path of mindful self-inquiry and discovery that guides you to your own spiritual understanding.
  • Mystic Order. The practice of Reiki allows you to develop a deep connection to the wonder and energy of all Life, a deep sense of the interconnectedness of all beings and a sense of expansion beyond our obvious every day five sensory reality.

In the course of these two days, you will receive the appropriate attunement and empowerments. 

We will:

  • meditate together
  • practice the Hara defining exercise
  • practice intuitive healing

We will explore:

  • the Reiki Kotodama
  • Reiki and crystals
  • using a crystal grid for healing and distance healing
  • aura clearing
  • chakra perception and balancing
  • Japanese Reiki healing techniques
  • self-empowerments with the Reiki Master Symbol

The course fee is £280 and includes a manual and a crystal grid. To secure your place you can pay the deposit of £80, either using PayPal or by cheque, the balance being payable on the first day of training.

The Reiki Circles in Harrogate are held online on Thursdays evenings. You can participate and join our strong and friendly community from the privacy and safety of your own home. Please email me to reserve your spot as only 12 places are available per session. A small contribution is welcome.

Online Circles start at 7pm (UK) for up to 2 hours:

Next Thursday evenings:
Thursday 5 August 2021
Thursday 2 September 2021


Currently available as in-person online modules of 6 hours (3 X 2 hours via Zoom) followed by a day attendance for review, practice and in-person attunements.

Please email me as these are currently made available by private arrangement. 

When a date has been agreed, please click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to invest in the course