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Although there are many forms of meditation to choose from, meditating is natural to humans. It belongs to no particular tradition or culture and no medical or psychological model.

Human beings have always sought stillness and calm and found ways of achieving those, naturally and instinctively, without formal training. Sometimes just by pausing. Reflecting. Taking a “breather”, sitting quietly. To create a meditation practice that is sustaining and sustainable, it is important find and explore gateways and practices that work for you, your personality, your style, your preferences.


Guided Imageryholistic health blog - guided imagery

Guided Imagery or Visualisation sessions are guided meditations.

After we have clarified your intention, I guide you lightly into an inner space or landscape that is tranquil, where you can:

  • find rest and relaxation
  • gain new perspectives
  • increase self-awareness
  • develop mindfulness
  • explore your spiritual anatomy (chakras)
  • explore your senses
  • receive healing
  • activate your own self-healing abilities
  • create a personal healing space
  • find guidance 
  • meet with allies, guides or archetypes

Guided inner journeys are a useful and accessible entry points into developing a meditation practice.

Inner Journeys with Drummingholistic health blog - Inner Journeys with Drumming

Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice. The power of sound on the body, mind and spirit is well-known in many cultures and drumming has been a deep and sacred part of indigenous cultures around the world.

I combine the practice of shamanic drumming with the energy of Reiki. As well as increasing coherence and releasing endorphins, sound vibrations produced by drumming resonate through every cell and stimulate wellbeing. Drumming facilitates a connection with a higher power that can be deeply healing.

To learn to meditate, to have guided meditation sessions or experience drumming, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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