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This is a process that helps you access and develop resources to make desirable and sustainable changes in your life, and take action to fulfil your true potential. It brings clarity, motivation and practical steps to support you in realising your dream – whatever you want to attain, be or do in your life.

The process involves:

  • Taking stock of where you are.
  • Deciding where you want to be and setting achievable goals.
  • Exploring appropriate strategies for getting there.
  • Contemplating change in a constructive way and learning how to manage yourself in it.
  • Challenging any outworn beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • Taking action.

Life Coaching starts from wherever you are now. It may be that you want to start by focusing on a particular area, for example your work, personal life or spiritual development. Alternatively you may be ready to undertake a ‘spring clean’ across all aspects of your life. You may be at a crossroads in your life or simply want to take stock and reflect before taking your next step. 

Whatever your starting point, I take a holistic approach to help you bring about positive change that is truly sustainable. I believe that we all want the very best for ourselves and our loved ones. I also believe that we are often capable of greater resourcefulness than we are aware of. Sometimes we don’t know how to access the resources we need to be the best we could be. In my experience, people do not need ‘fixing’. More often than not, they need to find the real questions they need to address, to discover what they really want, and then find the steps to achieve it.

Life Coaching can be the start of a wonderful journey.

Where and How?

Our working relationship can take the form of a few sessions to help you reflect and clarify your direction and get on track, or a longer-term arrangement to support you towards your goals and beyond.

Our sessions can be face-to-face in-person or by telephone or Zoom. I always encourage my clients to stay in touch on email too if they need a little guidance or encouragement between sessions.

Please get in touch to find out more.

+44 (0)1423 501368

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