Feeling Safe in Chaos

It has been said that if we want to change the world for the better, one of our first steps is to help people feel safer.

  • How do we feel safe?
  • Do people feel safe around us?
  • What does it require for people to feel safe?
  • How can we better sense what’s safe and what’s not?

Come and learn practical ways to:

  • Inhabit and protect your personal space
  • Feel grounded, good and connected
  • Release endorphins, the feel good hormones
  • Develop a presence that encourages and supports
  • Create energetic safety and healthy boundaries that allow creativity to flow

Are you a Complementary Therapist, a teacher, a nurse or a carer? Do you work with groups? Are you an empath who feels other people’s energies? Are you interested in your personal and professional development? This workshop is for you.
This workshop is also an opportunity to find out more about the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness and Spiritual Companions.

Fee, Date, Times and Location:

Fee: £55

Dates for 2017 to be confirmed