Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness

Five-part webinar of two hour evening sessions on Zoom for up to 10 participants.

Spiritual health and happiness — is different from material health and happiness.
It is an inner experience of strength, optimism and peace, whatever your situation or circumstances.
This deep-rooted inner attitude then spreads out into your general wellbeing — physical and mental.
In this course, I will share with you the essence of the pioneering work we have been doing in the Spiritual Companions Trust and which is at the core of our Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving (a 400-hour qualification).

This course is highly recommended if you are interested in or intending to enrol for the Diploma. It can also be taken as a standalone course for your personal development.

The next sessions will take place weekly on the same evenings. All at the same time 7:00pm—9:00pm (London Time, BST)

NEXT COURSE STARTING: Wednesday 28 February 2024  7:00pm-9:00pm (UK time, BST)

  • Wednesdays 28 February, 6 March, 13 March, 20 March and 27 March 2024

Spiritual Health & Happiness

At the heart of all religions and spiritualities is a universal experience that can deliver connection, compassion and profound wellbeing.
How to achieve this deep state of spiritual happiness was always known by the world’s few mystics and hidden from the public. In this course the universality of their method is made clear, practical and accessible.
Based in pioneering research you will learn how anyone can achieve and maintain this experience. It is user-friendly, holistic, inclusive, person-centred, multi-faith, open-hearted and open-minded. It works for people of all faiths and none. It is also validated by contemporary medicine and psychology.

Following the course:

  • You will experience a better and deeper connection with the wonder, energy and love that permeate the universe.
  • Your heart will be more open and warm. Your consciousness will be more awake and mindful — maybe wiser too.
  • You will experience a new level of inner peace, integrity and contentment.
  • You will develop a more grounded, centred and flexible attitude, with an improved mood of compassion and care that benefits everyone around you.
  • You will still experience life’s ups and downs, but you will have greater resources to manage them with calm, confidence and strength.

The course will consist of talks and experiential guided exercises. Places are limited to 10-12 participants, so there will always be space for reflection and discussion.

The exercises of the course include:

  • Identify the positive triggers, circumstances and gateways that most easily create your spiritual connection.
  • Using simple mind-body strategies experience, sense and develop your spiritual connection.
  • Clarify your own language and understanding.
  • Amplify, anchor and embed your experience, appreciating how it supports physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Practise compassionate and wise care towards yourself based in the ‘Inner Smile.’
  • Step back into an attitude of mindful self-guidance and responsibility.
  • Appreciate that your whole life is a spiritual journey in which every moment is an opportunity to grow and develop love and mindfulness.
  • Be comfortable with unknowing.
  • Clarify and commit to your highest ideals and ethics.
  • Compassionately empathise with the realities of suffering.
  • Practise silent whole-body listening with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.
  • Be a stable and benevolent presence in challenging situations and circumstances.

All of the above integrated into your daily life.

Throughout each step of this process I will support you in finding your own best way of putting all this into practice. You can see the core resource for this course here: Secrets of Spiritual Health

Please note, these sessions are live and interactive - the meditations are recorded.

Price: £95.00 for all five sessions
Attendance: Best to sign up only if you can attend all five sessions.
Concessions: I am offering a concessionary place to anyone whose sole source of income is universal benefit or state pension and who also has no personal savings. This is offered on a trust basis.

This is what participants have written after participating in the 5 evenings of Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness:

Martine, I have studied with a lot of wonderful Teachers and mentors over the years, I have to say your teaching is the best of the best. Having a Diploma in Meditation Teaching, with the British School of Meditation, I found your approach to meditation so uncomplicated and not ‘bogged down in jargon’. Your approach is both supportive, respectful and deeply grounded in health, science and psychology.  I am 62 and have experienced many faiths both Christian ( many  denominations), Druidism, Wicca but never have I been able to understand prayer, its application or any sensible dialogue around it, dialogue that is not biased or judgmental.  If this is a taster of the Diploma, all I can say is…. ‘BRING IT ON’. Barbara Robinson

I found the course enjoyable and practical. I was hoping to firm up my spiritual practices, which I did. I enjoyed the meditations and group sharing. You kept it interesting, light and reflective. Martine is practical and positive, warm and encouraging, a great listener." Dr Kate Lindley

I highly recommend the Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness course.  It has helped me both personally and professionally in my NHS caring role.  Martine has much knowledge and wisdom to share and she particularly helped me to understand the importance of embodiment of spiritual connections. I love that the course begins to teach spiritual self-management tools that are practical, science-backed and person-centred.  It has helped me to improve my own spiritual practice and health, and to reflect this in my work role."  Julie Pearce

Please get in touch to find out more or register your interest.

Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness
Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving
Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving

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