Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness

Dates for the next Diploma course in Harrogate or Online to be confirmed
As a Spiritual Companions Educator I am proud to be delivering this course in Harrogate

Ofqual register: Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness (VRQ) Qualification Number: 601/8673/2 Sector Subject Area: Health and Social Care

The first nationally recognised qualification integrating spirituality and healthcare to be on the Ofqual Register

  •  Learn about the health benefits of spirituality
  •  Develop your own spiritual health practice
  •  Help others

Professional Benefits

  • Gain a professional qualification to give person-centred and holistic spiritual support and pastoral care.
  • Become part of a professional network with peer support, insurance scheme and ongoing CPD.
  • Set up an independent practice.
  • Work professionally or as a volunteer in multi-disciplinary teams e.g.: hospices, hospitals, schools, colleges, prisons, etc.
  • Integrate spiritual health into your current career.
  • Acquire practical strategies and concepts that can immediately be shared with others.

Personal Benefits

  • Strengthen your physical and psychological wellbeing through a daily spiritual health practice.
  • Support friends, family and colleagues through improved relationships, communications and caring skills.
  • Develop a meaningful lifestyle of mindfulness, compassion and service.

The course consists of four units:

  1. Person Centred Spiritual Practice
  2. Reflective Practice and Self-Awareness in the Context of Spiritual Development
  3. Science and Context
  4. Spiritual Care in Practice

You can read the full Qualification specification here.

If spirituality is everyone’s natural connection with the wonder and energy of life, I invite you to explore your experience and its meaning for you. It is not only your natural right, but also a crucial social need – essential for personal as well as for community wellbeing. Free of institutional baggage, we aim to incorporate the very best approaches to mindfulness, the development of compassion, and emotional literacy.”

Dates : to be confirmed

Pre-requisite: Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness online or in-person weekend course.

For details about admission, terms & conditions or further information please get in touch.

Course fee including tuition, assessment and registration fees, course handouts and refreshments: non-residential fee is £1,500.00. Gentle payment terms are available by mutual agreement and on a trust basis.

Location: Harrogate

Martine Moorby is one of the UK’s most experienced educators in spirituality and holistic healthcare. I admire and am inspired by her wonderful mix of deep caring, insightful wisdom and hugely supportive patience. One hundred per cent recommended.” Dr. William Bloom, Director of the Spiritual Companions Trust. www.williambloom.com

Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness
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