Reiki Master Teacher Training

If you feel a calling to teach Reiki and to pass its attunements and empowerments to others, then this course is for you. We revisit and deepen aspects of the Master Practitioner Course, and include the learning and practice of Western attunements and Japanese empowerments.

Master here, refers to someone who has been walking the path for a while. It does not refer to superiority. And if it implies hierarchy, it is only in the sense that the master has been on the path a little longer, has acquired some humility and some wisdom, smoothing the edges of their personality with self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-compassion. The master feels a deep connection to the wonder and energy of Life. A Reiki master is attuned to and serves the wider community of Life. They know how to hold a benevolent space for the students to learn, develop and heal.

The master teacher training is focussed in part on the personal and professional practice of Reiki and in part on teaching Reiki.

Included are:

  • Meditations, using energy on yourself and others, mantras and healing with sound, more on remote healing, beyond "Reiji Ho", Reiki "psychic surgery", symbols and ritual in healing.
  • Best practices in teaching Reiki including creating safe space, leading meditation, giving western attunements and Japanese Reiju empowerments, holding a Reiki Circle, answering students questions, mentoring students and more.

The fee is £530 for one to one training, and £497 for two or more people. The course includes a comprehensive multi-media training package including a 200 page manual with text, images, charts, mind maps and illustration, a DVD and 2 CDs. On completion, you receive a certificate and a "Teaching Reiki" handbook.

Next Dates: Tuesday-Wednesday 8-9 August 2023 

Please get in touch if this course is right for you and we can choose appropriate dates together. You may take this course on two consecutive or non-consecutive day as suit our schedule and your learning style. The training package is sent no less than 2 weeks ahead of the first training day, to allow for preparation.

Follow-up mentoring is available. You will be invited to revisit all levels of Reiki Training and assist in my classes as part of the course.

A discount may be available in cases of appropriate prior learning experience, for example Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate.  

Reiki Master Teacher Training
Annual Reiki Retreat
Annual Reiki Retreat

ThisĀ 3-day RETREATĀ is aimed at those who have taken REIKI to Level 2 or above and are looking to rest, reflect, renew and participate in a daily Reiki Circle.

Reiki Energy Retreat Day
Reiki Energy Retreat Day

Did you train in Reiki recently or a long time ago? Do you practise every day or only very occasionally? The important thing is, You love Reiki.

Reiki Energy Day for Masters
Reiki Energy Day for Masters

A special gathering and retreat day for Reiki Masters and Master Practitioners only.

Martine Moorby - Annual Reiki retreat

Annual Reiki Retreat

Building Resilience in Times of Change

When you learn REIKI, you are generally looking for change: change in your health, in your outlook or your circumstances. It is a time of taking stock and moving forward.

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