Reiki Energy Retreat Day

Did you train in Reiki recently or a long time ago? Do you practise every day or only very occasionally?

The important thing is, You love Reiki.

Perhaps you are using it in a professional capacity, and this day is CPD for you.

Perhaps you only use it for your own benefit and/or that of family, friends, animals and/or plants. Perhaps you are only using Reiki infrequently and need a refresher.

This day will offer you an unhurried space to refresh and re-energise yourself, through meditation and energy work.

Come and :

  • meditate together and exchange healing
  • receive an empowerment/attunement
  • experience a Reiki Drum Journey
  • share experiences and ask questions
  • hang out with a like-minded community
  • refresh before taking your next Level of Reiki
  • gain some CPD
  • just retreat from the demands of your busy life to recharge your batteries

A gathering and retreat day for all Reiki students and practitioners.

Next Dates:

  • Saturday 12 October 2024
  • 10am to 5pm
  • 12 places only. Booking essential.
  • Cost: £50 - includes refreshments but NOT lunch

Location: Cairn Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate, HG1 2JD

To book your place, please contact me.


Reiki Energy Day for Masters
Reiki Energy Day for Masters

A special gathering and retreat day for Reiki Masters and Master Practitioners only.

Martine Moorby - Annual Reiki retreat

Annual Reiki Retreat

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When you learn REIKI, you are generally looking for change: change in your health, in your outlook or your circumstances. It is a time of taking stock and moving forward.

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