Reiki Circles and Healing Room Meditation

If you had learnt Reiki from Mikao Usui, it would not have been in a one-time weekend workshop. It would more likely have looked like an apprenticeship, with many meetings, practice and empowerments.

Reiki Circles or Shares allow you to meditate with like-minded Reiki attuned folk, hone your skills and give and receive Reiki. It is an opportunity to send Distance Healing to causes, places and people that need love, support and healing.
Reiki Circles are also about community.

You are welcome if you have attended at least a Reiki Level 1 training. It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t your teacher. Just get in touch and introduce yourself.

I have been running Reiki Circles since December 2001. They moved online via Zoom in April 2020. I started the online ones as a little experiment, a get together for our community during challenging times and we were blown away by the power! 

They run on a Thursday evening, for up to 2 hours. We start with Hatsurei-Ho meditation, I offer a group empowerment, we do a distant healing meditation and then each participant gets 3mns of uninterrupted group healing, by imagining stepping into the middle of our virtual circle… Intention is the most powerful energy.

Of course, when we could meet up “for real” we would experience personal healing in powerful group treatments. I am looking forward to organising in-person Reiki Circles and Energy Day Retreats before the end of 2022. 
In the meantime, the Thursday Online Circle is limited to 12 participants per session, so the atmosphere is unhurried and everyone can have their time in the Circle and there is time for discussion if needed.

Reiki Circles online take place the first Thursday of every month, starting 7pm,  approx 90ms. 12 participants only. Booking essential.

  • Thursday 2 February 2023, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Next Reiki Healing Room Meditation online - approx 45mns. Everyone attuned to Reiki is welcome

  • Thursday 5 January 2023, 7pm (UK time)

Receive the Zoom link, enquire or book your place by getting in touch


Reiki Circles and Healing Room Meditation
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