Mentoring for EFT Trainers

Mentoring Opportunity for EFTi Trainers and Trainers of Trainers with Ranjana Appoo and me this November.

In the light of the new EFTi recommendation that 3 hours of our annual mentoring requirements are valuably spent addressing trainer specific questions, Ranjana and I have created a unique mentoring opportunity for Trainers to celebrate and share what works, ask questions and reflect on what calls for review and improvement, and open to possibility within a collegial and supportive environment where each participant has a voice.

Ranjana and I are seasoned Trainers of Trainers and we invite you to join us in a collaborative journey focused on fostering excellence in EFT education.

There has been much discussion about the pros and cons of Online Training and In-person training. Wouldn’t it be great to share your experience and reflections with other Trainers?

We invite you to participate in a reflective space where you can explore, celebrate and share what really works in your workshops and what is calling for your attention.

Together we will be:

  • Creating a reflective space to support best practice
  • Exploring training techniques
  • Discussing the importance of maintaining student engagement and support
  • Discovering solutions for classroom challenges
  • Sharing observation, assessment and encouragement skills
  • Developing effective feedback techniques
  • Providing each other with assistance and nourishment
  • Establishing a community of professional and transformative Educators

Meet my colleague Ranjana who will co-facilitate this session with me: 

Ranjana is a trusted friend and colleague. She is also an inspired and sensitive educator and holistic health professional. She practises and teaches LiberatingTouch®, EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu. She is also an EFTInternational Trainer of Trainers, Artist, and Health Researcher. She has devoted her life to experiencing and sharing peace, delight, beauty, and Truth. She has travelled extensively and lectured in Fine Arts. Ranjana succeeded in overcoming chronic health challenges, and since 1995 dedicated herself to the study of nutrition, complementary therapies and holistic health. She is dedicated to the journey of Self-Realisation and shares her insights in workshops, articles and paintings. For more information check out:  
You can connect with Ranjana on Facebook

A few words from our expert colleagues 

"I'd like to send praise Martine and Ranjana's way; their Mentoring classes are of high quality and provide an excellent, welcoming platform to meaningfully discuss cases, training issues and share best practices. Kudos to them both!" – Jondi Whitis, MTOT EFTInternational

"I joined my first EFT trainer supervision/mentoring session with Martine and Ranjana. The session was beautifully facilitated with opportunities for everyone to participate including requesting various topics be discussed, contributing our own solutions to questions and sharing course structures. What a delight to connect with EFT trainers in other parts of the world and learn from their knowledge – whether as new or seasoned trainers. I am excited to be part of the EFTInternational family of trainers and would love to meet other trainers on these calls." Marlene Cameron, EFTInternational Trainer

We are offering a 3.5 hour group mentoring for 8 EFT International Trainers.


DATE: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 3.00pm - 6.30pm UK Time, here is a link to check your time zone:

COST: £80 (full payment required for registration)

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