EFT Level 3

A 21 hour experiential workshop fulfilling the EFTi Level 3 (Advanced) training requirements. During this course, you will deepen your understanding of EFT, explore in greater depth its range of applications and learn to apply its tried and tested techniques and strategies with greater creativity and skill.

Minimum pre-requisite is having completed a Practioner Training Course. If not yet qualified/accredited, you need to be actively using EFT with clients. Practitioners who have trained with other trainers, EFTi or not, are welcome to enquire.

EFT Advanced Level is the next steps in your EFT studies to enhance your:

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Skills
  • Art of delivery

EFT International Level 3 Curriculum:

  • Review and Revisit of Foundational Concepts and Skills
  • Ethics and Scope of Practice
  • More on Reversals: A Specific Group of Aspects that can Negatively Affect the EFT Process
  • Parts Language
  • EFT and the “Inner Child”
  • Open-ended Language and Skillful Questioning
  • Inner Experience and Use of Metaphor
  • More on Working with Specific Past Events
  • More on Practitioner Reframing
  • More on Integration of Intuition
  • More on Use of Gentle Techniques
  • More on Trauma and EFT as a Trauma-Informed Approach
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • More on Core Issues
  • The Complexity of Working with Serious or Long-term Physical and/or Emotional Issues
  • Variations on Standard Tapping
  • Professionalism and Ongoing Personal Development
  • Referring Out Appropriately
  • Limitations to L3 Competency

My style of teaching is interactive, and there is plenty of time set aside for demonstrations, practice in groups and pairs, and Q&A sessions.

DATES: 2022 – May also be available online in modules

LOCATION: Harrogate, HG1, North Yorkshire or Online

COST: Attendance at the 21 hours workshop: £280.00 (inc. manual and handouts). To secure your place you can pay the non-returnable deposit of £70.

Following the workshop and to become a certified practitioner, accredited by EFT International, you will need to complete the certification requirements.

For further information please get in touch.

EFT Level 3EFT Level 3
EFT Certification for Professional Practice
EFT Certification for Professional Practice

Following the requisite number of workshop hours/training as set out by EFT International, you can choose to become a professional practitioner, accredited by the Association (EFTi).

EFT Mentoring for Practitioners
EFT Mentoring for Practitioners

Group Mentoring Sessions, in a collegial ambience where everyone’s input is invited, we celebrate EFT success, discuss matters arising from our practice, bring blind spots into light, focus on self-care and development and share ideas. We usually have fun too.

Mentoring for EFT Trainers
Mentoring for EFT Trainers

Mentoring sessions designed specifically for EFT International Trainers and Trainers of Trainers to share experience, ask questions, and reflect on what works and what calls for review and improvement in teaching EFT, in a collegial ambience.

Martine Moorby - Annual Reiki retreat

Annual Reiki Retreat

Building Resilience in Times of Change

When you learn REIKI, you are generally looking for change: change in your health, in your outlook or your circumstances. It is a time of taking stock and moving forward.

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