EFT Level 1

The EFT level 1 is a 12 hour foundational workshop open to everyone. It offers a thorough grounding in a very effective self-help tool. 

Upon completion of this training you will be able to use EFT for yourself and to help family and friends in a non-professional capacity. You will be able to relieve aches and pains and alleviate the effect of issues such as emotional tension or disturbing thoughts and memories.  Tapping for yourself is a rapid, simple and effective way to work on an issue that bothers you, in your own time. You can find relief from stress and experience greater wellbeing.

During the workshop, you will acquire a working understanding of EFT including its history, the science behind it, its development and applications. My style is interactive and I teach in the form of presentations and discussions supported by a manual. You will also participate in practical exercises including demonstrations, group and supervised pair work.

EFT International Level 1 Curriculum:

  • Origins of EFT, Background and Efficacy
  • Building Bridges to EFT and the EFT Discovery Statement
  • Tapping Basics (Setup and Sequence)
  • The Importance of Measuring and Testing
  • Reflecting Your Client’s Exact Words (Introduction to Rapport)
  • When EFT Doesn’t Work – Troubleshooting
  • The Importance of Being Specific
  • The Concept of Aspects and Shifting Aspects
  • The Importance of Persistence, Hydration, and The Apex Effect
  • The Generalization Effect
  • Additional Tapping Points and Strategies
  • Handling Excessive Emotional Intensity
  • Recognizing and Utilising Cognitive Shifts
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • Movie/Tell the Story Technique and Introduction to Working with Trauma
  • Quality Detective Work
  • EFT for Aches/Pains and working with "emotional contributors"
  • EFT for Cravings
  • Confidentiality and Healthy Boundaries
  • EFT for Self-Care: The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Limitations to Level 1 Competency

You will gain an EFTi recognised certificate of attendance and will be invited to join the association as a student. This foundational workshop is also the pre-requisite for progression to Level 2, the next stage for your own development and/or the pathway to certification and to becoming a professional practitioner accredited by EFT International.

My style of teaching is interactive, and there is plenty of time set aside for demonstrations, practice in groups and pairs, and Q&A sessions.

The fee for the 12 hour training workshop is £200. This for the week-end workshop and a follow-up Zoom call whose date we will decide together.
To secure your place, see below. You can pay the non-refundable deposit of £70, either using PayPal or Stripe. (BACS is available by arrangement) or you can pay the full fee. The balance is payable on the first day of training (cash or cheque); BACS option is by arrangement . 

If you have already taken this workshop with me or another trainer and would like to repeat to refresh or gain CPD, I offer a substantial fee reduction. Please get in touch.

Places are limited to 8 participants.

DATES: 30-31 October 2021

LOCATION: Harrogate,HG1, North Yorkshire

COST: Attendance at the 12 hours workshop: £200.00 (inc. manual and handouts). To secure your place you can pay the non-returnable deposit of £70.

EFT Level 1EFT Level 1
EFT Level 2
EFT Level 2

A 12 hour experiential workshop to deepen your EFT knowledge and practise its foundational skills.

EFT Level 3
EFT Level 3

A 21 hour experiential workshop to refine your skills and explore nuanced and creative applications of EFT.

EFT Certification for Professional Practice
EFT Certification for Professional Practice

Following the requisite number of workshop hours/training as set out by EFT International, you can choose to become a professional practitioner, accredited by the Association (EFTi).

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