Endorphin Effect

The Endorphin Effect embodies effective and accessible mind-body healthcare, in a series of ‘strategies’.

A practical two day workshop, The Endorphin Effect Strategies offer an integrated and practical resource, available at all times and to anyone who wishes to:

  • Heal
  • Effect inner change
  • Boost their relationships
  • Enjoy life more fully
  • Increase their performance at work or in sport
  • Improve their stamina and resilience
  • Boost their creativity
  • Feel uplifted.

The strategies combine the essence of the traditional Eastern and holistic approaches of mindfulness and body awareness with the insights of modern psychology and neuroscience.

Having trained and qualified with Dr William Bloom who first developed these core energy management techniques, I teach the Endorphin Effect in a practical, experiential way. You will learn how to trigger and release endorphins, the feel-good hormones, in your body to improve your health at all levels. When you become mindful of your needs and learn to address them appropriately, your immune system improves and your general wellbeing increases.

Once practised and embedded, these skills are portable and available to you in any circumstance, at home or at work, and benefit yourself as well as those around you. These strategies are therefore also particularly suited to address workplace stress management requirements.

EFT and Endorphins.

Combining EFT with The Endorphin Effect strategies and skills allows you to reach into your untapped health and well being potential. A must attend workshop if you want to befriend your biology, reconnect with your spirit and align yourself with the positive potential of the Law of Attraction.

No previous experience necessary.

“Martine always delivers her workshops with enthusiasm, professionalism and fun. Integrating EFT with the Endorphin effect is a powerful combination and I know I benefitted hugely from the weekend. I have some new skills and strategies to integrate into my life and healing work.”

Philip Wade.


“This weekend had a big impact on me – giving me simple tools and techniques I can use any time to deal with challenges and help me feel great. The combination of William Bloom’s Endorphin Effect and EFT is quite original and very powerful, it has had a lasting effect on my wellbeing. As usual Martine creates a relaxing and supportive environment in which she focuses on what is most helpful and gives long lasting benefit. The weekend is quite interactive, practical and thoroughly enjoyable. I am really glad I did this workshop.”
Dr Jenny Quantrell

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