Emotional Freedom Techniques

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EFT is a Meridian Therapy, rooted in the ancient arts of Japanese acupressure and Chinese acupuncture. In its present form it is Gary Craig’s brain child, born in the early 1990s, and evolved from psychologist Dr Roger Callahan’s ‘Thought Field Therapy’.

Emotional Freedom Techniques belong to the emerging field of Energy Psychology. It is a system widely applicable to address stress, anxieties, difficult memories, conditioning and anything that is often referred to as “baggage”. It has also been called acupuncture without needles as it provides relief, often in a short time, by tapping with the fingertips on various acupuncture points whilst addressing the problem or issue. The technique is simple to learn and surprisingly effective.

Gary Craig
Martine with Gary Craig

I teach it formally in training workshops, but also to my clients for their own use, to complement our sessions and continue the healing. Interestingly, belief in the technique is not necessary for it to be applied successfully.

Whether you want to quit old habits and behaviours, create new relationships, long to make significant changes in your lifestyle or want to discover and explore new perspectives, there is no big or small goal, no dream that EFT cannot be tried on.

EFT can be applied in any number of contexts and works for people of all ages – from dealing with exam stress, to managing a busy home or improving your performance in business. With EFT you can increase your confidence and remove blockages and limitations rooted in attitudes, values or beliefs, as you work towards resolving internal conflicts and achieving greater congruence with yourself.

Useful for removing emotional blocks to success and performance, EFT is a useful tool for the Life Coach. EFT works well with Reiki also in meeting many of life’s challenges.

I teach EFT at all professional levels and my courses are approved and accredited by the EFTi. Attending a  Level 2  two-day workshop is the first step towards obtaining an EFTi Practitioner Certificate which can be used to obtain insurance cover.

If you would like to discuss the application to any particular problem, or are interested in training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, please visit the EFT Courses page and feel free to contact me.