EFT Level 3

EFTi SealA two-day experiential workshop fulfilling the EFTi Level 3 (Advanced) requirements. During this course, you will deepen your understanding of EFT, and explore in greater depth its range of applications and its tried and tested techniques and strategies.

Pre-requisite is Practitioner certification completed in no less than the past 6 months. Practitioners who have trained with other trainers, EFTi or not, are welcome to enquire.

To enhance your:

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Skills
  • Art of delivery

We will explore:

  • Presence: How to be fully present with your clients, so that you can receive and work with whatever your clients bring to the session. Includes personal awareness, safety and on-going development
  • Questions: How to use questions to unearth the roots of your clients difficulties so you can use your EFT skills more effectively. Includes clean language.
  • Conversational EFT
  • Intuition: How to develop and make the most of your innate intuitive skills when working with clients. What intuition is and what it is not.
  • Working with trauma: How to work effectively with client’s experience of trauma. Includes protective distancing methods and working with metaphors
  • Clearing more limiting beliefs.
  • More on Choices and Reframes.
  • Parts work: How to work with a client’s inner parts (including shadow parts and sub-personalities) to resolve old patterns of behaviour and inner conflicts.
  • Ethics and Professional Practice issues

My style of teaching is interactive, and there is plenty of time set aside for demonstrations, practice in groups and pairs, and Q&A sessions.

Dates, times and location

Saturday and Sunday 23-24 November 2019, 9:30 to 5:30, Harrogate.

Investment £240. To secure your place you can pay the non-returnable deposit of £70, either using PayPal or by cheque, the balance being payable on the day.

For information contact me.

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Following the 2 day workshop, if you want to become an EFTi Accredited EFT Advanced Practitioner, you will need to complete the certification programme which is additional and consists of:

  • An online examination administered by EFTi
  • A minimum of 6 hours of supervision/mentoring
  • A minimum of 4 case studies

The fee for the Post Certification Training and Supervision Support is £42 per individual supervision/coaching session. I offer pre-certification group supervision days where possible at £60 per 6 hour day for a minimum of 3 participants.

The case study follow-up package is comprised of marking of up to 4 case studies and one hour one-to-one discussion/supervision is £180.