EFT Level 1

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The EFT level 1 is a practical and foundational workshop for everyone. It offers a thorough grounding in a very effective self-help tool.

Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to use EFT for yourself and  to help family and friends in a non-professional capacity. You will be able to relieve aches and pains and alleviate the effect of issues such as emotional tensions and stresses or disturbing thoughts and memories.

EFT Tapping
EFT Tapping

You will acquire a working understanding of EFT, its history, the science behind it, its development and applications. I teach in the form of presentations and discussions supported by a manual. You will also participate in practical exercises including demonstrations, group and supervised pair work.

I will give you an AAMET recognised certificate of attendance. You are invited to join the association as a student. This foundational workshop is also the pre-requisite for progression to Level 2, the next stage for your own development and/or to become an AAMET accredited EFT practitioner.


Places are limited to 8 participants.

Please note that the next AAMET approved EFT Level 1 workshop in Harrogate is taught in conjunction with the Level 2 Practitioner  two-day workshop. Students attend all 3 days for a thorough grounding in EFT. The certification package is optional and available to those who want to practise professionally: Friday-Saturday-Sunday 16-17-18 February 2018

The cost of the 3 day workshop is £340.00 and includes additional online support. 

To secure your place you can pay the non-refundable deposit of £70, either using PayPal or by cheque, the balance being payable on the first day of training. Please enter the date of the 1st day of the course in the box below. Then click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to pay the £70.00 deposit. 

For further information contact me.

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