EFT Courses

EFTI SealEmotional Freedom Techniques 

Also referred to as Tapping, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, belong to the emerging field on Energy Psychology. It is a version of acupuncture without needles, or self-applied acupressure, using your fingertips to lightly tap on easily accessible acupressure points on the face and hands to relieve anxiety and manage stress.
There is a growing body of research evidence that points to the effectiveness of EFT (tapping) for working with traumatic memories, anxiety as well as other issues.

If you wish to train in EFT, you can read more and book your the relevant workshop by clicking on the level of training you require, where you will find the available training dates.

Further training, practice days and case study mentoring are available for students who need it in their professional field. Please contact me for more information.