Reiki: It's Simple

Published on 7th January 2024

Reiki is the most wonderfully easy gateway into connecting to the energy and flow of life.
Traditionally transmitted by attunement from teacher to student, it was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui as a path of spiritual development. In the West, it predominantly became assimilated into a complementary therapy that could also be self-applied, in meditation or hands-on, for comfort and self-healing.
Mikao Usui died in 1926, and whilst it took several decades for his method to become popular in the West, there are now several dozen Reiki “brands” that have been developed and are being taught, some having evolved with different emphases from those of his original teachings. All were originally in Mikao Usui’s lineage, which means that you can trace their roots back to his teachings. Many have now only a tenuous link to him. The connection remains in the name, Reiki, which has come to be simply associated with hand or palm healing techniques activated by attunements received from a Master trained in that particular form of Reiki.
I still practice and teach an original form of Usui Reiki. I won’t pretend that I am trained in deep Eastern and Japanese esotericism and I don’t practise martial arts. By the same token, however, I have little interest in embellishing Reiki with additional attunements or symbols. (Symbols … this will be an article for another time!)
I have experienced the deep transformation that an understanding of the Reiki Precepts can bring, combined with a regular practice of hands-on/hands-off Reiki, with a clear intention to allow Reiki to flow through me, for me to be a vessel and a conduit, if you will, and to maintain a meditative, open mind and heart. Having been attuned to Reiki by Reiki Masters, I offer the same to others.


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