In the Midst of Disruption

Published on 1st July 2020

First of all, I hope this finds you, at the very least, intact. I know that, for everyone, this has been a time of enormous disruption. For some, it has also been one of loss and sorrow, while others have been in a holding space of enforced introspection.

I have been longing to connect with you all directly and share reflections, ideas, and wishes  Whilst I was adapting to the current limitations, I worked at welcoming ?going with the slow?. Part of me was full of ideas about how I would be using this time to catch up, do things differently, deal with things I have been putting off ? yet it seems that this has also been an opportunity not to do things, sometimes not do anything!
So, I got curious. Is this an incubation period? Am I waiting for inspiration, and is this like waiting for Godot? Am I resisting something? Is this procrastination? Or discombobulation? There are undoubtedly moments when I feel disorientated, others when I feel rebellious, resistant, and others when I am able to surrender.holistic health blog - In the Midst of Disruption
I also realised that I was grieving, like many of us. We are all in the middle of a global trauma.
My personal practice has taken different forms and has been sustaining: sitting quietly, sometimes cloud-gazing, walking in nature, watching a couple of magpies build their first nest. I have appreciated how very fortunate I am to be able to do any and all of the above, including (and especially) doing precious little at times.
So many things are calling us, some ephemeral pulls, some born of deeper longings not yet articulated. It has been important to me to allow my body to feel, so I can let constriction relax and allow emotions to release. Emotions are held in the body, and resistance?in the form of just doing something, anything, but sit with them?is hardly the answer. Yet it appears to be our cultural default. What a rich language we have with which to say to ourselves versions of ?don?t just sit there, do something?, ?the early bird catches the worm?, or ?the devil makes work for idle hands?.

A conversation with our own bodies can reveal so much. I think we all know this on some level, but it doesn?t come naturally without a degree of practice. What if we could ?just? sit with our emotions and sensations and feelings and really get to know what is going on inside ? allow it ? and honour it ? before moving to ?doing something?? Particularly in times of chaos and anxiety, this honouring is vital as it enables us to remain steady and anchored to our personal truths.
And despite being restricted right now in our geographical closeness, thanks to the wonders of technology we can still create beautiful, sustaining connections with each other as we make space for our truths to reveal themselves.  So here?s an invitation. I´m putting all the energetic tools at my disposal into an online format to create an experimental group via Zoom, in which we will:

experientially  explore connection, reflection, and service (even in the midst of upheaval)

practice together the steps toward sensing and acknowledging our truths

be the peace we want to see

The group will be open to a maximum of 10 participants and I envisage 4 sessions of 90mns. As I aim to work more online, this is the beginning of a new developmental phase for me so I will be offering these sessions on a pay-as-you-can basis.
Are you in?
Please email me to let me know if you have a preference for morning or early evening sessions and/or for more information.

  • Other programmes: Whilst Reiki courses are currently on hold, Reiki Circles are available online weekly. Email me for details of times. One-to-one personal mentoring and coaching, EFT sessions, professional mentoring and spiritual guidance are also all available via Zoom, just contact me?.
  • In the pipeline: I´m currently doing the groundwork for launching live meditation sessions (via Facebook, for instance), so if you have a particular ?theme? that you?d love to practice, now?s the time to let me know!

Hang on in there. This is hard. But we?re in it together.

With love,


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