Reiki as a Gateway to Spiritual Discovery

Published on 2nd December 2016

Reiki as a Gateway to Spiritual DiscoveryWhen I first encountered Reiki, also referred to as Universal Life Force, almost by accident, in 1998, I was in such a place where the changing demands of a job which had once filled my heart with love, had turned into pressure and I was beginning to feel symptoms of stress. It's not that I didn't like teaching anymore, I did (and I still do), but 'something' was missing.  And even if it didn't look like this from the outside, I felt I'd lost my 'mojo'. But where? So I went on a quest to re-discover what made my heart sing when I was with my students, and in the process I learnt to relax and meet with myself. Reiki supported a change of life I would not have thought possible, and I have not looked back. For all that Reiki has morphed into a therapy, it is first and foremost a gateway to experiencing the wonder and energy of life and a practise to support development and the growth of consciousness. It is more an experience than something we 'do' to others. In fact you don't 'do' anything when you share Reiki. As the giver, attuned to Reiki, you allow yourself to be a clear vessel. Reiki flows through you to support the receiver in whatever way is appropriate for him/her. Most people report an incredible feeling of relaxation which is a good place for the mind to regain a more balanced outlook and the body to open to repair.
Does it mean I am 100% well all the time and don't feel any challenges anymore? Of course not! Like you, I am a human being with all that this entails. And I am open to learning, exploring and growing. It wouldn't have taken me 10 years sharing this with you in this format if I didn't feel any challenges. I'm far from blasé. We're not all challenged by the same things. The truth here is, I will have shared some of my journey and my challenges as well as insights I have gained with you in a coaching session or during a workshop, but writing it down at letting it go on the www, now that feels like a challenge!

Of course I have practical strategies and tools, like emotional freedom techniques and NLP techniques, which I use and also teach. Above all, I'm passionate about the potential we all have to live fulfilling and rewarding lives, and it is developing our potential that is at the heart of my practice. This is what makes my heart sing. I help you transform patterns of thinking that may be getting in the way, so that you may increase your emotional resilience and discover the unique calling of your soul.

So what of the 10 years and the resistance?

Well, as the writer Anaïs Nin put it "the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom". I chose the risk that comes with expansion over the relative safety of hiding my light under a bushel, and I hope I can encourage you to do the same.


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