As well as courses, I offer individual appointments for those times in our lives when we need a listener, a witness, a benevolent presence, a mentor, a coach, a therapist. 

Martine Moorby - Reiki courses and EFT Mentoring

I will not rescue you for you are not powerless
I will not fix you for you are not broken
I will not heal you for I see you in your wholeness
I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light"
A Medicine Woman's Prayer

You can choose Mentoring conversations, Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions, Reiki and Energy Healing sessions, Meditation, Guided Imagery and Drumming. All appointments are collaborative one-to-one sessions tailored to your own needs.

Together we address the questions and challenges in your life. Combining my skills, experience and insight, I help you to:

  • manage stress and anxiety in a positive way so that you may improve or maintain your well-being.
  • bring relief from physical and emotional problems
  • resolve issues that keep you stuck in a loop or in the past.
  • develop your confidence and self-esteem.
  • explore and clarify your spiritual questions and processes.
  • establish an authentic spiritual practice that works for you.
  • find your own authentic answers.

Your appointments can be in person if you are able to travel to Harrogate in North Yorkshire. If you live further afield or abroad, we can connect via Zoom. I have a webcam and you can see me almost as if you were in my office. Sessions can be conducted in either English or French.

If you are a group, a society, an organisation or a community, please get in touch to explore how we could work together.

Booking private one-to-one sessions.

Fees for One-to-one sessions:

  • 60 minute appointments are £55
  • 90 minute appointments are £70
  • Two hour appointments are £95
  • Intensive Day Session customised for private clients: from £210 (four hours)

To book a consultation, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Thank you for another wonderful healing session this week.  The combination of the technique, your intuitive approach, and the total presence you bring is a true gift."
Ruth W. 

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the session on EFT we had a few weeks ago. I have never met anyone so insightful and so good at listening before and I'm really glad I came. Not only do I feel much better about the incident, I also now feel that I have quite a reliable method of coping with other stressful events as they crop up. Thank you also for sending the videos. I have practised EFT several times this past week and it has helped make what felt like big problems feel a lot less intense. It seems that I can now stop allowing a past event or conversation from completely taking over my brain."

I first met Martine at the hospital for a complementary therapy Reiki session, when I was recovering from breast cancer and reactive depression. Through this session Martine helped me to feel at peace once again and after the treatment, I had the first proper night’s sleep since my cancer diagnosis some three months earlier. I then contacted Martine and began a course of EFT therapy which helped me find a way to deal with my emotions and pick me up from my depression. I will never forget the help and support that I received from Martine and the techniques and tools which helped me cope with stress and depression. I have recommended Martine to many of my friends who have had anxiety or stress related problems and recommend that you give her a call too”.
Jane Money

I just wanted to let you know how much my sleep has improved since I saw you! The difference is amazing and I also feel much less anxious generally”.
Jan T.

+44 (0)1423 501368

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Martine Moorby - Annual Reiki retreat

Annual Reiki Retreat

Building Resilience in Times of Change

When you learn REIKI, you are generally looking for change: change in your health, in your outlook or your circumstances. It is a time of taking stock and moving forward.

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