A Journey Through the Archetypes: the Hero’s Journey


This one day workshop draws on the archetypal’s Hero’s Journey, the sequence of steps and actions that make up the structure of many classic stories as defined by American scholar Joseph Campbell . Your own life can be approached, explored, understood and enriched as the unfolding of an adventure, the adventure of your lifetime. The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor for the map of the development, patterns and themes of our lives.


Perhaps the best-known archetypes are the Greek ones with their heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses. These personifications of energies helped them make sense of their lives and understand their world. Archetypes,  do not belong to a single culture though. Every culture, modern or ancient, has its myths and stories.
For psychologist Carl Jung they include psychological patterns which manifest in roles we take on in our personal lives and will also explore some of the psychological dynamics of the spiritual journey.


Completing the sentence “I’m always the one who________” may give you a clue as to an archetypal pattern that is at play in your life.
Bearing in mind that:

  •  if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got
  •  greater personal awareness is often the key to greater personal power,

This is an opportunity to explore the archetypal energies that may be at work around you, to understand yourself better, and to recognise patterns that may run through your life, or parts of your life.
These patterns could be positive or negative, depending on how you interpret them and whether you find their influences helpful or unhelpful.
Once patterns are discovered, both universal and individual, healing can take place.
My approach is practical and experiential. I offer an unhurried, emotionally and psychologically safe and spiritually literate environment where you can learn, explore, take stock, gain insight and choose to take steps.

When we transform ourselves, we transform our world.


Open to all who have an interest in personal and spiritual development, this workshop is also CPD for body workers, energy healers and psychotherapists alike.


I have attended A Journey Through the Archetypes and Journey Through the Chakras workshops with Martine.  Martine’s depth of experience, knowledge and understanding shine through her warm teaching style.  The small number of attendees in each workshop allowed every participant to find their voice and I experienced an ideal balance between feeling nurtured and challenged.  It felt safe to explore and to experiment, and from both workshops I came away with practical applications for integrating a spiritual approach into everyday life.”   Sarah Douglas (counsellor, supervisor and yoga teacher -www.sarahdouglas.co.uk ) 


Fee, Date, Times and Location


Fee: £55


2017 dates to be announced, 10.00am – 5.00pm,  Harrogate